Monday, December 7, 2009

Cards With Character

As many of you are undoubtedly working furiously to get your holiday shopping done (and, for the organized and old-fashioned among you, are perhaps sending out proper cards to friends--my hat is off to you) I'm sending a useful link your way.  In the era of Tweets, everyone still loves to get a card in the mail, especially if it's on stationary that is also art. 

My friend and neighbor Susan is a gifted artist and illustrator.  Among her projects is BowWow Cards, where you can find whimisical and unique designs for your own correspondence or to give as a gift.  My kids' teachers have been happy recipients of packages of these in the past couple of years--the blank ones are perfect to use as thank you notes for all those other presents from students--and they are great to have around to use as birthday cards to children and (fun) grownups. 

Susan and her husband, Jay, have a wonderful house that they restored from what was evidently horrible condition, so they are sort of neighborhood celebrities.  Susan especially is an animal lover, and it comes through in her playful renderings of various creatures, especially those of horses in the Rodeo grouping of cards.  Check out the website, where you see all that is available and shop, too, or contact her at

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