Sunday, December 6, 2009

Is There One Thing I Look Forward to Every Day?

It's not when I try to back out of my driveway at 7:40, when the school across the street is in full arrival force. I rented this house so my kids would be across the street from their school, which means I not only have to deal with the people who park in front of my driveway because it's just easier for them but also the fact that as fellow parent I can't berate them. Well, not really.  But that's another post.

And when I leave the office at the end of a workday?  Well, that's a commute of at least an hour, with more people of a certain ilk on the highway.  When I pick the kids up from my nanny's house, that's pretty good.  They get in the car for the two-block drive, and I love hearing them talk at the same time about the exciting moments in their respective days. Then we get home and arguments ensue over who took the dog for a walk yesterday, whose turn it is to use the Mac, and so on.  It's fleeting. 

My favorite time is a rather selfish one. But it makes me do something that keeps me healthy, which I suppose is not selfish since it's in the best interests of the kids that I stay alive.  It's the few minutes after I get back from a run or the gym.  If my field marshall self has won the argument with the stay in the warm bed self,  I get to carry my endorphin rush back into my quiet house.  I turn on the coffeemaker, which I've stocked with freshly-ground beans and filtered water the night before.  Then I turn to my laptop and have a quick look at the day's news on Twitter (okay, the NY Times and, for you locals, the Star-Telegram, too) and take a breath.  Then I wake the children and get into a very hot shower. 

It's short but sweet, with the smell of coffee and the feeling of hot water after a good sweat.  As the days grow colder it is sometimes a little tougher to remind myself the reward is worth heaving myself out of comfort and into exertion.  But when I do, I find it easier to back out of my driveway.

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