Friday, February 26, 2010

How to Remove a Broken Cork

While I am still trying to figure out where to keep the wine in my 1949 handyman special kitchen at the new house, this certainly does not mean there won't be any purchased or consumed in the near future. And at some point, there will be a broken cork.  I know how to open my own wine--if I didn't, I'd have to get married again immediately--but this is a problem that has stymied me until now.

As a Canadian in the grips of winter, Beppe Crosariol of the Globe and Mail describes this problem as a "catastrophe."  I wouldn't go quite that far, but it's annoying as hell.  In this very short but extremely useful clip , Crosariol demonstrates how to get that jagged little sucker out of the bottle and prevent those awful shards of cork from ruining a good pour.  And the tool he suggests--a two pronged cork-puller--will be in my utensil drawer.  As soon as I figure out where it's going to be. 

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