Sunday, February 21, 2010

Panic and Procrastination

Have you ever watched Clean House or Hoarders? I always wonder how those people do six months down the road, and my assumption (backed up by by this post on a health blog) is that they back to navigating around piles of stuff they can't bear to part with.  I believe myself to be, as I've written before, a thrower rather than a keeper.  But this weekend I hit the wall.  My tiny but tidy house has turned out to hold an awful lot of crap, all of which I need to pack. 

As I frequently do during fits of panic, I decided to actively procrastinate and find a new blog to use as a time sink. (Note:  this is not one of the Habits of Highly Effective People.)  Leo Babuta, who also writes Zen Habits, has another, very spare blog called Mnmlist.  He says we shouldn't buy "unnecesary" things, should clean off countertops and keep floors clean of clutter, and, most important, get rid of half of our stuff.  Then get rid of another third again.  Books, too. 

This has only deepened my panicked state.  I've clearly been kidding myself and can't possibly pack everythng up by next Saturday when the movers arrive.  I haven't sold the appliances I didn't want to take, and I haven't even thought about the garden shed or the gigantic composter I don't really know if I want to take, and why do I have so many yearbooks from high school and college? Why is just now that I've realized I have three junk drawers in my kitchen?  How can there only be five empty boxes left?  And why, when I should be so happy, am I so anxious and worried about every little thing?  I think this is what Communicatrix calls "the black hole between okay and fantastic."   

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