Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spin the Bottle (NYC)

Do you remember the first time you played that game?  The last?  I do, on both counts, but that's not for public consumption. 

It's a rather titllating name for a blog, and the one to which I refer has tons of practical and unpretentious information for people who like wine.  What's the best temperature to store it? Serve it?  What is best with chocolate?  These are very important questions.

If you are getting married, looking for a good and reasonable bottle, or want a review of a Chilean Sauvignon Blanc ("spring in a bottle"--how nice does that sound?) you are at the right place.  Sasha answers all of the questions you have but were afraid to ask.  Enjoy her wisdom!!


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  1. Elizabeth told me about a really good, inexpensive chardonnay she got at Central Market--Delicato. She says she likes oaky ones, with tastes of butter and vanilla. Getting pretty sophisticated for me!