Monday, March 29, 2010

A Zodiac Dinner Party: Real Scorpios Eat Roquefort

Food and Wine has an interesting idea this month:  a dinner party based on astrological signs.  Like all personality classifications, I take the notion of sun signs with a large pinch of sea salt, but it's still fun.  I'd never thought about it, but traditional winemakers paid attention not only to weather and soil but also to the movement of celestial bodies when they were deciding when and how to plant, tend and harvest. 

The article, the full version of which is only in the print publication, includes a chart of signs and their respective tasting styles and suggestions for favorite wines and foods.  It completely nails my Scorpio tendencies, saying I am "intense" and "love routine." The latter is altogether true, although I've never before seen it attributed to my sign.  So I love pungent (okay, smelly) foods like Roquefort and big, spicy reds to drink.  Of course I enjoy lots of other things, too, but the article definitely captures when I feel most myself in terms of eating and imbibing.  Check it out here.

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  1. OKay, I'll plan the menu!Nothing I like better than a cooking challenge! Wonder what Jay's sign is since he hates roquefort. His birthday was earlier this week.