Friday, April 30, 2010

One Thought Per Tweet

Yesterday marked my 100th post and my first hater comment.  I'm feeling all legitimate now!

Anyway, if you're not on Twitter by now, you're way behind.  It's an amazing, real-time stream of what's happening.  The Top Tweets section is a turbo-charged and for now, more democratic version of the CNN newsticker.  Just try and stop reading it after thirty seconds.  Bet you can't.  

Like all nascent media formats, there is unevenness in the quality and usefulness of Tweets.  So I was very happy to run across a post entitled "The Elements of Twitter Style." It's on Red Sweater and contains such nuggests as: one thought per Tweet; complain constructively; and write each Tweet by hand.  The post also describes technical issues such as tagging and acknowledgements. 

If you're in absolutely any industry that serves Gen Y, or if you market or sell anything at all, you need to understand how to use Twitter.  If you have kids and want to actually be able to talk to them, you'd best learn it too.  Just get on it and see what it's like.  Then follow me at

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  1. It wasn't a hater comment! We don't hate in Houston! LOVE YOU!