Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Facebook Schaudenfreude

Stumbled across a marvelous blog called Mon Avis, Mes Amis--Life, A Review.  The author is, I gather, an expat American turned unabashed Anglophile.  She throws about posh British phrases and annoying nicknames, but her extravagance (not sure about command, as I am no authority) with the King's English is quite amusing.  She hasn't posted since May, as I expect she's gone to the south of France and is enjoying a daily lie-in followed by mid-morning cocktails that sap her Protestant work ethic. 

My favorite post so far contains the following description of her idea of a fine diversion:

We hacked my brother's account and invented Facebook Schaudenfreude.  It's a hilarious game for adults based on spite, bitterness and nerves of steel.  Look up people you should really have got over after 20-odd years.  Check out as much of their lives as they've posted in the ether.  Award yourself one point each for divorce and redundancy.  Take away one point each for photos of a ten-year anniversary party and second homes (second homes on another continent, minus five points).  Award yourself two points for each child that is boss-eyed, scowling or otherwise unappealing. Deduct two points for each child that is playing sport at an international level under the age of 16 or well-dressed and smiling. Profile pictures by Demarchelier, school reunions at Fouquet's you weren't invited to and a Porsche for a 21st birthday (I am not making any of this up, sadly) are just Plain Bad Manners.

I've no earthly clue what Fouquet's is and only the foggiest notion of who Demarchelier might be, but I think she's maybe being a bit tacky. And yet when one is tacky with an accent like cut crystal, people don't always mind so much. This post is clearly prior to those new privacy settings, which kind of takes the fun out of it. What I must recognize is that based on her criteria, beyond the cute kids, I'm doing a fine job of raising the self-esteem of former boyfriends and within the thin ranks of rivals I might have had. 

She's not always nice, but she has good taste in books and gets around quite enough that I enjoy a vicarious look into her world.  Hope she gets back from Beaulieu soon. 

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