Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wool and Water

A couple dozen years ago I met the blogger for Wool and Water.  Her spare yet delightful style makes for wonderful reading. Back then, she knew my housemate from working at church camp. By then she was dating him and unlike the rest of us in the house, she'd been Out in the World for a year.  We were all getting ready to convocate, as Queen's called it, and had the collective anxiety of people ambivalent about giving up our extended adolescence. 

Although she'd grown up, like me, in a small Eastern Ontario town, she'd graduated from a great school and worked for the better part of a year in London.  England.  She had gorgeous strawberry blond curls and a fine way of tying a scarf.  She read and still reads serious novels, not just the reviews, and actually understands them.  I haven't seen her in person in a few years, but based on her emails and her Facebook page--lots of points deducted on my part, for the record, as she has a nice husband, lovely daughter, and the beautiful hair and general good looks remain intact--she still is doing particularly well. 

Read her post entitled "Commencement."  Actually, read all of her posts, but read this one first.  While she is a little embarassed by her typing awards--I must wonder if this skill can't assist her in her writing and re-writing, which it's clear she does so well--it can't compare with the Oral Proficiency Award I received upon high school graduation.  It was for French.  Never mind.  

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