Thursday, April 14, 2011

Diamonds in the Drawer

I know someone whose future mother-in-law mailed her diamonds from across the country.  They were family stones, as it were, and the FMIL had them loose in a box in a drawer, and when my friend's betrothed asked him mom if he could have them to have an engagement ring made, his mom was thrilled and said she would get them to him.  Several days later, there they were, to the astonishment of the couple, in their mailbox at the bottom of an envelope.  Three cheers for Canada Post.

The only ring, or for that matter the only piece of jewelery, that's ever been made especially for me was created over ten years ago.  It's gorgeous, and I have always loved the way the three diamonds sparkle in the sun when I see my hand on the steering wheel when I'm sitting at a stoplight.  But shouldn't wear it anymore, as it symbolizes a decade of a union that's been dissolved.  If the dissolution tself were amicable, maybe it would okay, but as it seems to grow more rather than less unpleasant, it's just not an option. 

I've tried, in fits and starts, to give it up over the past five years. I've taken it off when I've started seeing people and then put it back on when things ended.  I've tried to find other rings to replace it, but I never wanted to make an investment and so ended up with a lot of fake baubles that turned black on my finger after a couple of weeks.

After a particularly difficult moment a few weeks ago, I realized it was time to find a real replacement.  I wanted something simple but meaningful for my life now.  As it turns out, the Right Thing was in front of my nose: my friend Martha is co-owner of a company called Nelle & Lizzy.  They make silver jewelry that is beautiful and unfussy, much like Martha herself.  I had a ring like the one below made, with my own children's names on it. I'm not the only one who loves their stuff:  Oprah named it as one of her Favorite Things.  Have a look at their website:

I am thrilled with it.  The diamonds are safely tucked away for the day when the Girl or the Boy need them for a formal ceremony of significance, as even though the man who gave them to me is no longer bonded to me by matrimony, he is their father.  And diamonds, as the DeBoers slogan goes, are forever, even if the reasons why they are given go away.  When the time comes, though, I think I'll deliver them in person.


  1. Sue,
    Thank you for blogging about Nelle & Lizzy! I am so glad you like your ring. Your a great friend.

    My cousin asked for some loose family diamonds from my grandmother when he was going to propose. My grandmother was so proud to give them to him. I helped him make a hand made box to put them in when he proposed. The newly engaged couple were so excited to go to the jeweler to deign a ring together. Unfortunately the jeweler told them the "diamonds" were glass. He never told my grandmother.

    Love you!

  2. What a good story! And sweet that he decided not to tell. The fact that they were precious to your grandmother made them so, although maybe not to your cousin's betrothed, who may have been a little disappointed. Couldn't blame a girl for that.

    Love ya back, and thanks to you and your company for making such lovely stuff!