Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Five Expensive Things Worth the Money

Ask me about my outfit, and I'll tell you what a deal I got.  My hot dress? Target. My premium denim habit (see below) is now supported by a resale shop near the TCU campus.  There are some things that I've found worth the money, however.

Dyson vaccum cleaner.  A couple of years ago I attended the wedding of dear friends in a raspberry satin dress from Banana Republic that cost me a cool $34.99 and made me look like a million bucks. It was rendered much less attractive by about fifty flea bites on my legs. That evening I arrived home and found the infestation had continued unabated, despite bombing and using my useless vaccum endlessly. I fretted all night and showed up at Target when it opened on Sunday morning.  Bought the floor model of the DC24 Multifloor for $350 and vaccumed three times a day for about 36 hours. Done. It's bagless, so you can see into the chamber and know what nasty business has come out of your carpets. Loved pitching those fleas into the bin, and it eats up dog hair. Excellent for neat/control freaks, not that I am either.  http://www.dyson.com/

My Infiniti G35.  Bought this in December of 2009, when car salesmen wondered if they would eat again. My baby had 24,000 miles on her, and between the economic squeeze and the salesman being hopped up on Percoset for upcoming back surgery, I got a great deal. The car has run like a dream and when I found a great and honest mechanic, hasn't been expensive to maintain. It's a safe car to drive my kids around in and for my commute. And it goes like stink. It's a great used car I couldn't have afforded new, and I will drive it until the wheels fall off.

A Wusthof 1.6 cm knife.  As close to all-purpose as a capable cook can find.  I paid full retail for it at Williams Sonoma, but I use it every day for damn near everything I cut up.  Keep it sharp and out of the dishwasher and it will never let you down.

Clarisonic. If you are a woman of a certain age, this is a not-so-secret weapon.  Makes your skin so clean and gorgeous you'll weep,and it helps get rid of  at least some of the damage life has done. People will tell you how great you look and you can take a break on facials. If you're in your twenties, plunk down the $150 and use it every single night, no matter how late you've been out and how many dollars drafts you've downed. Do this and wear your sunscreen, and your forty year-old self will thank me. http://clarisonic.com/

Citizens of Humanity Jeans. I was newly single five years ago and back to my fighting weight--the much-touted divorce weight loss worked the other way for me until my freedom was secure--and my friend Tammy and I hit a very expensive place catering to rich sorority girls.  She kept pulling out pairs and said not to look at the size or the price or the length but to consider only how my ass looked.  I complied and when I pulled on one pair, it was like coming home.  Incredibly soft and comfortable. Also, when I turned around and saw how my backside looked, I figured I'd give those sorority girls total hell.  These are Not Your Mom's Jeans, my friends. My Citizens cost a hundred and eight-five bucks and another twenty to hem, but I still wear them all the time. To wine bars, to work and to church.  Beat that with a stick. http://citizensofhumanity.com/

Next post: Cheap things that work really, really well.

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